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Portrait du pixel artiste Grégoire Vorpe

I started art in 2018. I have no artistic background, I just have passion, patience and a bit of a maniacal side. What I like about art is that it is a universal vector of communication, accessible to all. The starting point of a creation is always an article, a documentary, a serie, which will raise a question. I like to use a variety of techniques: ink stamps, acrylics, stickers, oil, etc. The common denominator of all my works is the mosaic; a set of small pieces that will create a greater whole. I am neither militant nor committed, but I like to raise a thought; the general conditions of sale, as long as the arm, that one accepts in a few seconds, a poor t-shirt that travels 30'000 km before one wears it. An image will always have more weight and impact than a long speech. Welcome to my world!

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